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I have a custom built pc specs are: xfx 790i ultra ftw mobo, two bfg gtx 280s in sli, two sticks of 2gig ocz platinum 1333mhz ddr3 ram, q6600 G0 stepping oc'd @ 3.150Ghz cpu, powered by a 1050w ultra x4 psu, with a cooler master aquagate max cooler cooling the cpu only (liquid cooling kit),two seagate barracudas 500Gb ea(no raid).
Anyways my pc is rittled with problems it freezes when i try to play games it locks up sometimes while im online and intalling any software is a hassle because it takes extremely long and we=hen its finished it sais it didnt install correctly(including drivers). I have tried reformatting and the os takes about seven tries to install because it will install incorrectly and be unbootable. I have tried registry cleaners, ive monitored my pc temps(they are all very cool), i've tested all my hardware, i've updated all my drivers and bios, i've brought it to 2 shops and neither one found the problem (they tested all my hardware as well and determined it was all working, Ive run my anti virus and came up with nothing and after all this it is still running the same. also i removed the liquid cooling and that made it run better because the games no longer freeze however the installing issues are still there but i do not see how the liquid cooling could be causing it. Iam at the end of my rope if anyone knows a solution or test i can run or if anyone is having a similar problem i will be very thankful for any feedback. If you need any more details please ask.
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  1. does it happen on stock clocks? can you try with 1 stick ram only, and then the other? what speed is you ram running at? i'm betting its at 1:1 and is running as 1600 near as dammit? can it cope at that, are your clocks too tight at that speed? if you swapped the liquid cooling for air cooling it would improve the airflow round the memory and other key mobo components, this might be why it works better.

    It sounds to me like its too highly strung and needs relaxing a bit, does it work ok on liquid if you point a desk fan through the side (with the panel off?)
  2. Yes it does still happen on stock clocks(which underclocks the ram significantly). I have already tried running each stick by itself in every slot and the problem still exists. the ram is running at exactly 1333mhz at a 1:1 i believe. I will try pointing one of my fans at the ram to see.
  3. Tried pointing a 90cfm fan running on an alternate powersupply directly at ram and ram remained cold to the touch but problem is still happening.
  4. I assume you've been using MemTest86 to check your memory?

    And I also assume that the sticks of RAM are in the correct slots? (check your motherboard manual - you can't just shove the modules into any old slot).

    Try removing one stick of RAM and running with just it until you can tell if you still have the problem or not. If the problem persists, swap to the other stick of RAM to see if that works. If it were me, I'd do everything at stock speeds until I've identified the problem.
  5. i havent had any luck booting up with the memtest86 cd so i was using windows memory tester and yes the ram sticks are in the proper slots and yes ive tried removing a stick at a time but i will retry and will also try the memtest 86 cd again
  6. The fact that it no longer freezes when you don’t use the liquid cooling makes me think that you may have a faulty power supply, as the load on the power supply will be less without it. Your other problems are almost certainly caused by faulty memory; you should run as previously been suggested memtest86 overnight. If the memory errors found are at fixed address locations then the memory maybe bad, however if the memory errors are at random locations then a faulty power supply is suspect.
  7. So it may be a bad pcu? i do have an old 750w i could hook up but i dont know if that will have to juice to run my pc but i could run my cooling parts on an alternate power supply and run only the basics with it would that be enough wattage also my mobo has a tendancy to underclock all my voltages and memory timings could that cause it?
  8. also try removing 1 gfx card
  9. also i am currently still having problems booting from cd i have it set as boot priority over the HDD but it isnt picking it up but i have been having strange issues with my dvd drive such as program no loger responds during burning. failing to confirm game dvds and failing to format the disks.
  10. Try changing the cable on the DVD drive and plugging it into a different motherboard port.
  11. alright it turned out to be a dirty laser so my dvd drive works ive tested ram but my pc still locks up during gaming
  12. make sure
    first if you are using illegal version of windows format your hard then install original one you must pay for decent something then when you install windows and drivers and activated it install original security software kasper sky internet security is more than enough then restore all your bios to deffualt levels then try your pc if it woorks coorectly with games then try to overclock it again to your wanted choice
    good luck
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