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Hi All,

I recently purchased an HP Envy 15-3040nr. So far, it's a great system, except for one major problem:

One of the primary reasons I selected it was its support for two external monitors (via one hdmi and one displayport), in addition to the primary laptop display. The external monitors work great, but the built in display goes off when two monitors are attached.

In fact, I can use any two monitors... two external, or one external with the built in display.

I do have the latest firmware and drivers.

Has anyone been able to get the internal display to work with two external monitors on this model? Any suggestions on how to get it to work.


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  1. Are you using an active DisplayPort adapter or a native DisplayPort monitor?
  2. Hi Aicom,

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Both external monitors are ASUS VS229. (it has a vga, dvi-d and hdmi connector).

    One is connected directly to the hdmi on the laptop, the other is using a displayport to hdmi adapter. I'm not sure if the adapter is active or passive, or if it even matters if using one.

    Thanks again.

  3. You'll need an active displayport to DVI or HDMI adapter. The key is it has to be active, not passive.

  4. Hi Aicom,

    I tried this adapter:


    And still no joy.

    I have an AMD Raedon 6790M.

    I've tried both the latest and beta drivers from here:


    Thanks Again,

  5. Hi,

    I'm still unable to get all three monitors to display.

    I'm using Accell Single Link Active adapter... I saw a review on Amazon stating that these did not work out of the box, and to update firmware. I downloaded it from their site (http://accellcables.com/support/FAQDP_Firmware.htm#2). When I attempt to install it, I get the error "DPCD read error! ADL error code: -1"

    So a couple of questions:

    Has anyone found a way around this error?

    Will this particular adapter work for my setup?

    Is it even possible on the "15-3040nr"? I know it should be in theory, but how about in practice?


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