ELSA GLADIAC ULTRA won't start!!!???

hello, i just bought a retail elsa gladiac ultra board from a reseller. It was a sealed box, not a white box. i tried to follow the install instruction in the manual, but i cannot get a signal from the board at startup or in windows after installing the card. i had to use a second pci graphics board to even boot into windows where i installed the elsa driver 6.43 off the cd

i am using windows 2000 on a VIA KT133 chipset board (Abit KT7)
i have the latest VIA 4-in-1 drivers installed
i am getting an error code 10 "cannot start" when i check the board in the device manager
it has an IRQ 11 dedicated to it
AGP 4X is off
fast writes is off
system is not overclocked

What is wrong!!????
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  1. I don't know. Just send me the card and I will find out ;)

    So when you boot with the second display, you computer actually detects it, but reports and irq error.

    Have you emailed envidia or elsa? Have you talked with the reseller?

    I suppose you have checked that the board is firmly placed in its AGP slot and so on...

  2. yes the windows 2000 pnp detects it and i have successfully installed both the elsa and nvidia refernce drivers that came with it.
    i have e-mailed elsa and am waiting for a response, but in the meantime i figured why not try the community...you all know way more than any one company put together (even on their own products half the time), plus you all have been through this crap before and may offer advice....isn't that what hardware discussions are for? besides arguing which card is better?
    i've checked all the obvious things....and i am not getting an irq error, there are no conflicts.
    i have been directed to a site for my motherboard which explains that changing your agp drive strength settings may help with nVidia boards....i'll post and let you all know i it worked.
  3. In the bios under <b>Integrated Peripherals</b> ensure that <b>Init Display First</b> is selected to <b>AGP</b>. Note from manual:
    <font color=purple>...The default setting is PCI slot. When you install more than one display cards, you can choose either a PCI display card (PCI Slot) or an AGP display car (AGP) to activate the display boot-up screen........

    <font color=purple>

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  4. You may also want to get the AMD Agp patch for win2k , its somewhere on AMD's labyrinth of a website.

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  5. ...also, after adding or changing I/O cards I find it usually helps to set "Reset Configuration Data" in the BIOS PnP Configuration section to ENABLED. (If you have the WZ version of the KT7 BIOS the option is called "Force ESCD Reset" or something like that). Whatever it is called enabling it forces Windows to reallocate system resources.

    Also for Windows 2000, AMD has a patch, courtesy of Microsoft, for an AGP data bug. This bug is independent of chipset or video card. Here is a link to the patch and information about the bug.

    <A HREF="http://www.amd.com/products/cpg/athlon-duron/amd_win2k_patch.html" target="_new">http://www.amd.com/products/cpg/athlon-duron/amd_win2k_patch.html</A>

    Update: Someone already mentioned the AGP patch before I could post but above is the direct link.
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  6. mjovic, you may find <A HREF="http://www.icrontic.com/faqs/kt7faq/kt7faq.htm" target="_new">Paul's Unofficial ABIT KT7 FAQ</A> helpful.
  7. Okay guys, I tried this last night when i got home form work, but still no good. I read somewhere that nVidia boards are not compatible with all motherboards (of course I find that out now!)

    1) booted without pci card in
    2) set inital video to agp
    3) set agp drive control to DA and then EA
    4) enabled fastwrites
    5) made sure agp was assigned an irq
    6) set video bios shadow to disabled
    7) did the reset ten times in a row thingy
    8) installed amd agp patch registry key

    i did all this and still "nothin' nathan nada, aight?"

    i called elsa, but i think i just missed them and they closed down for the night....will try them again today, but any suggestions until then?
  8. just called elsa...they weren't too helpful...told me to reset cmos using jumper (i did it by taking out battery), disable ACPI in the bios and reassign the irq's so it's not sharing, take the metal bracket off the board and seat it properly, and get the new bios for my mobo....i told him about other people having problems with the geforce2 gts and the kt7 and it was new to him. but the two cards are very similar so.....i'm getting the new bios now
  9. i've flashed my bios to the most recent "WW" for my mobo. i've removed the back plate for the card to make sure it is seating properly...the card is rocking back and forth in the slot, not a tight fit. i've tried setting the I/O voltage to 3.6v....nothing worked. still one singal normal beep upon boot up, then when it gets to the part where windows starts, the light from the monitor goes from orange to green!!! whoo-hoo!!...oh, then it starts blinking orange and green repeatedly and just stops there. should i bother getting a new card? or just say f-you to nVidia and buy something else?
  10. Why not try to exchange card for a new one, or see if you have a friend who wouldn't mind testing out your video card. Thanks for telling everyone whats happening, hopefully you can figure this problem out and start blasting away with the Ultra. On second thought mayber you should trade in the Ultra for a GF3. That would be very tempting if I was you. Oh yes one more question, will windows boot at all in safe mode?
  11. ok it seems you have the motherboard detection problem fixed, but you may still have drivers from your old video card loading under windows, you need to make sure that all of the old video card drivers are removed from windows. try add/remove programs and lood for drivers.remove the windows INF file for your old card. click start ,run and type MSCONFIG click enter, click the startup tab and remove the checkmark for anything that refers to your old card.
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