Would you go with Laptop A or Laptop B?




I was originally set to go with the second one, I had hoped they'd made a listing mistake and that it has blueray.. but it doesn't.
They are very similar... I'm not sure I understand the difference in the screen though.. one is HD LED, the other says LED.

One is slightly faster I think.. but I wonder if I'll even notice it.. Otherwise.. they seem pretty similar...

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I would go with the faster one. The specifications that differ are largely just typos. The faster one is actually cheaper...

    The HD LED vs. LED, they are referring to the exact same resolution display (720p), which really isn't high by today's standards.

    I see this all the time for stock listings at lots of online retailers, when they enter the information, they are either incomplete or mismatched to the item, and the price doesn't seem to be fixed when the item has just been added to the database. You can get nice discounts this away if you know what to look for.
  2. They are almost the same on important hardware (2 has 3630QM which is 100MHz faster), so the difference is negligible. While 2 has W8, 1 has BD ROM (according to you). It now depends on whether you want a newer OS or a BD RAM. I would go for BD ROM. W7 can be upgraded to W8 Pro for like $15.
  3. The second is slightly faster and slightly cheaper. They have the same screen, so get the second. (But be warned, it has Windows 8.)
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