FS: RoadBlasters parts (and untested System 1 Mainboard)

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I have a set of Roadblasters PCBs (Daughterboard and Rev C.
Motherboard/Mainboard). At some point they were apparently exposed to some
serious humidity and the foam pad that sits between them and the metal
mounting plate wasted away leaving some crud on the back of the boards. You
might be able to clean these up and get them running, or use them for parts.
I only tested the daughterboard, which displayed some garbage on the screen.
I can send pic's to anyone interested, the front of the boards looks pretty

I also have the metal mounting plate which would work with most System 1
games I believe. If you're local it's free to pickup, shipping is available
but probably going to run $20.00.

I would prefer trades for the PCB's. Some of my pressing needs are below.
Most other working parts and cash will be considered.

A.P.B Seat
Sinistar CPU Metal Mounting Plate
Stargate Joystick (good condition only)
Joust 2 CPO or Control Panel
Flourescent Light fixture for Crystal Castles/Millipede
Attraction speaker panel for Crystal Castles/Millipede

Larry C.
Franklin, WI

larry at
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  1. Hi you still have the Roadblasters boards? :ange:
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