Lenovo thinkpad w530 or Sager NP9150 (with quadro k3000m )?

I do 3d modelling, run simulations, do digital painting and illustrations, work with 3d animation, and also work on digital music.

stuff i intend to run on my computer: Pro/E, CATIA, SolidEdge, AutoCAD, I.D.E.A.S, ANSYS, Fluent, Abaqus, Matlab, FIFA, NBA, COD, Crysis, NFS, Corel Painter, Sketchbook Pro, PhotoShop, Alias, FL Studio, Blender, etc.

budget is $2000 tops.

these are all the details i am providing right now, although as the thread progresses i shall give other details wherever necessary.

plz. reply asap.

thanks :)
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  1. If you're planing to play games,then stay out of quadro cards.
    Go with Sager 9150 w/GTX 670(or 680M if your budget allows)
  2. nope, games are secondary.As mentioned above, I'll be be using my computer for 3d modelling, animation, simulation, music production, and digital art & illustrations. Playing games only in my spare time.
  3. I know that your main task is 3D modeling but you still want to play games and for gaming,I don't recommend quadro cards.
    A normal card can handle both games and 3D works just fine
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