Windows 7 memory problem?

I haven't been home much lately in the last week, but a few days ago 7 failed to boot up, citing some error I'd never seen before. I almost didn't get back into the OS, but it ran Setup Repair and I got back in. My wife later got a BSOD (doing nothing more than being on the internet) and yesterday and today it can freeze up a little bit or it will run chkdsk when you turn it on. It's run chkdsk a few times and it doesn't seem to find a problem. It also once gave a memory error popup (which I don't have written down unfortunately).

I ran 7's memory test feature and said the RAM was okay (I hate running memtest, but will if I have to) and my hard drive scans with WD's diagnostic tool comes back clean and I appear to have no malware or spyware or anything of that nature. I'm running a Q9550 quad, ASUS motherboard, Blackline RAM (can't think of the manufact. right now) 4 hard drives (Black WD drives), Geforce 9600GT video card, 500w Seasonic PSU, etc.

I installed 7 in January 2010 and most of the hard drives and the CPU are newer (installed last September). The RAM I purchased a few months ago. I really have no idea where to begin, with all these vague problems, any ideas?
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  1. download and use this program and give me the information that it displays for you.
    make sure to click the latest mini dump within the program and tell me which specific files it highlights as a cause to the problem.
  2. I have used this before and I ran it this time and it's just blank. I see no dumps I doing something wrong here? Thanks.
  3. I suspect a memory problem, I think you will need to run amemory test.
    Get memtest86 from here.
  4. I tried the auto installer for booting from a USB key, but my computer won't boot from it. Maybe it doesn't support keys? Memtest is just a headache for me, I'll try dig up some old discs though.
  5. I left memtest 3.4 running overnight and it came back clean. Is that okay for my 64 bit OS though? I'm going to try to make a disc for the latest memtest.

    Update: I've wasted two discs trying to make a bootable CD out of the ISO image in Nero. I've looked online and it seems easy to do, but I can't get it to work now.
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