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Best Way to Cool Down Laptop

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December 20, 2012 11:17:51 PM

I have an Asus K53e and it says that the temperature is 180° F. This is while I have a small fan blowing on the air vent. Earlier it got up to around 215° F. It is currently placed on a flat desk and there is nothing obstructing it at all. Even when I turn it off and let it cool down, within 5 to 10 minutes of use it is usually back up to around 150° F. If you have any ideas on how to cool it or any type of cooling mat I could purchase I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks in advance,

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December 21, 2012 12:54:16 AM

you probably shouldn't have a fan blowing on the vent that is the exhaust your just blowing the hot air back in. Unless your talking about the one underneath the laptop.

slightly raising the laptop from the table provides much better air flow to any underside vents. I had a cheap 2 fan cooler that worked pretty cool for my laptop I made sure it was at least the same size as your laptop.

Best solution

December 21, 2012 1:42:01 AM

I have a laptop that gets so hot that the CPU fails, and I have a couple things that work.

1. Open that puppy up and grab a can of compressed air. Spray the *** out of the CPU heatsink fan. Usually when things get this hot, it's because the fan is all blocked up. making sure it's clean can drastically decrease the temperature

2. Grab a heavy duty Ziplock bag, and fill it full of ice. Then wrap that in a towel and place underneath your laptop. Works pretty well until the ice melts.

3. If you want to spend money, you can get a laptop lap tray that has a couple of 140mm fans in it. You can pick them up for around 30 bucks, and they work decently.

4. If you REALLY don't care about your laptop, throw it in the freezer for like 5 minutes before you are about to use it. The laptop attracts moisture onto it's surfaces, so I probably wouldn't recommend this unless you are ordering a new one in the mail or something.
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a b D Laptop
December 21, 2012 2:33:25 AM

First, de-dust the device by using canned air, DO NOT TILT THE CAN!

If that doesn't help at all, then if it is still under warranty you may wish to RMA it.

If you don't have a warranty, then I recommend you replace the thermal paste, for it is VERY often of low quality, and may have further degraded from normal use.

I replaced the stock paste on my Lenovo Y570, and I dropped the temperatures by 25C across the board (~75 Fahrenheit)
December 21, 2012 3:34:33 AM

I used to buy dust cans from office supply stores. They have a limited amount of quantity per can and the cost per purchase over the long run isn't what anyone likes. I recommend that you purchase the Metro Datavac Electric Duster ED500. I bought on ebay for $50 and blows 70CFM (it is 20CFM less than an air compressor for power tools, but still very powerful enough blowing stuff off without damaging equipment). It is specifically designed to blow dust from the surfaces of electronics (TV, A/V receiver, Computer, LCD screen, ect). Better than canned air, which sometimes doesn't blow all the dust out and using 92% Isopropyl Alcohol to remove what is left (which i done before) isn't ideal.

Here is a link to amazon if you are interested:

I saw a picture of the Asus K53E on newegg. Looking what appears to be exhaust port toward the side where you plug the VGA port and the intake vent holes appear on the underside center and underside front. They look small and narrow. Get a single print paper and cover the vent, if there is force holding the paper than that is the intake, if it pushes away from the laptop then that is the exhaust. Appropriate the small fan toward the intake vent, if you were mistaken.

I have the Cooler Master U3 Notebook cooler and i have the fans position to each vent hole for cooling. Usually laptop cooling pads drop only 3-5 degrees Celsius at most, sometimes only 1 degree.

A link if you are interested:

The cheap way is just elevate your laptop with a book without covering the vents underneath.

Asus advertises IceCool Technology which just means that the hot components like gpu and cpu are facing toward the floor and other cooler components are facing toward the keyboard. The motherboard has two sides.

Hope this helps.