Amd a8 4555 APU vs 3rd gen core i3

i have never used amd processors in my life and am very intrested in knowing that amd a8 4555 APU is equivalent to which intel processor?? plz help me out on this
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  1. There is no equivalent/comparison between AMD A series APU and Intel CPU. AMD offers ok CPU with good iGP solution, while Intel provide good CPU with ok iGP solution.
  2. It's almost the same as a intel Core2Duo T7300 which is pretty weak by today's standards. Still, it definitely would suffice for an average user.
    Check this out:
  3. are you sure that the processor is so bad because it easily runs games like nfs hot pursuit 2........
  4. Well I didn't say it is "so bad". I said it's weak and the fact that it's running NFS or other games doesn't change that. I have a Core2Duo E7500 desktop and it can play almost everything, even GTA IV at high but if you compare that to an i3, you'll realize how weak it actually is. Keep in mind that weak doesn't necessarily mean bad, as an i3 is weaker compared to an i7 but this doesn't mean it is bad at all.

    To answer your question more clearly: The A8 is somewhat equal to first generation of intel i3s. But at the end of the day what you want to do with it matters not the sheer processing power.
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