What is the best driver for TNT2?

Hey, I have a TNT2 and was wondering what version is the best for this card. I am aware that the Detonator 2 perform better than the Detonator 3 on these cards, however, I would like to know which exact version would do good. Thanks.
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  1. Search around for the lates official release at the gamers sites.

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  2. Where did you get that information about the Detonator 2 being better than 3 for the TNT2?

    I am not disputing it however I have had a TNT2 32MB AGP card for quite some time and noticed a marked improvement when upgrading the Detonator 2 drivers to the Detonator 3.

    This card cost me 40 bucks like a year and a half ago and still works great. Sacrifice, Deus Ex, MDK2 etc. all play extremely smooth@high res and 25 to 30 fps! GeForce 2 Ultra it ain't but for 40 bucks this thing smokes.
  3. I've read other people's post saying that the Detonator 2's perform better than 3. Im willing to change from 3 to 2 but don't know what version. I have an AMD K6-2 500 and my 3D performance just plain sucks. I can't even play Unreal.
  4. They do. The detonator 3 series drivers contain absolutely no improvements for the TNT2 series chips. Det 3 drivers are based on the GeForce and GeForce 2 series chips. There might be improvements with DX8 and Detonator 3 on a TNT2- but not DX7. The latest Det. 2 drivers on nVidia's website should be the most efficient for the TNT2 series chips.

    -MP Jesse
  5. I'm probably going to get toasted for mentioning this, but I
    get very good results in Half-Life game mods using the venerable 2.17 drivers that I think are the Det 1s.
    People are going to say that it doesn'tr support DirectX8 or some of the newer enhancements, however, every newer driver I have tried on my Guillemot Xentor Ultra TNT2 32 meg (whew) have developed problems ranging from light leaks to crazy graphic patterns. I know that some are from adjustments, but the fact remains, no problems with the 2.17s in games I play.
    If you play some newer games, you may not be able to use the 2.17s and may have to go with the 3.52s or like that. But if you play Counter-Strike, Team Fortress Classic, or Front Line Force you should have no problems. When I tried the 6.18s and the 5.22s, I got no increase in framerate or detail,only probs like artifacts, and I believe those who say that Nvidia quit improving the drivers for TNT2s when the GeForce 2 came out.
    Why improve older chips when you want to sell the new ones?
    It is commendable that they don't exclude the older models from upgrade drivers, but that is mostly to appease the corporations that can then upgrade all the video drivers at once and not worry about compatibility. Nvidia is the best company for gamers, period. Hope this helps, Take-Out.
  6. Yes det 2 drivers performe better on tnt2 than det 3. Running the latest driver I get 32 fps average in half life. Running 5.32 I get 38 fps average. 6 fps isn't all that much but when your talking about tnt2 every little bit help keep it at a constant 30 fps. Keep in mind that I am running win2k so my performance will be under par from other tnt2's. Also, my cpu is a limiting factor here, p3 500. From 640x480 to 1024x768 I get 38 fps. Moving to 1280x960 gives me 36 fps. With win98/ME and faster cpu it would go faster.
  7. I guess I could give 5.32 a try.

    Someday I will stop asking all the questions!
  8. with tnt2 and detonator 2 on amd thunderbird 800: 2200 pts in 3dmark2000
    with tnt2 and detonator on amd thunderbird 800: 2200 pts in 3dmark2000
    NO DIFFERENCE for tnt2 cards
  9. Just in case, you do have the 3D-NOW! drivers from AMD, right? If not, go and get them cause they help a whole lot. They were originally optimized for Quake2, but will help other games too. Take-Out
  10. I have tnt2 riva 32mb, and when I changed it out for my s3 16mb card, I took a hard performance hit. I haven't tried older drivers yet, but I was PISSED!!!! By MOBO won't let me run a geforce for some reason. (locks up when loading any 36 games) So I was hoping this would help.
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