Is this laptop good enough?(and what is UMA graphics?)

This is the laptop we got:

It is for my brother, he will be using it for school and gaming(Mainly World of Warcraft and older "light" games) Its specs look good enough for what he cares about except for one thing; What is the 'UMA graphics'? I've searched and can't come up with much, some places say it has Intel hd 2000 graphics card, which should be fine for low settings in games. (I have an older laptop with a P6100 processor coupled with Intel HD graphics and it does good enough.)
This UMA thing has really got me confused, this was the best laptop I could find in BestBuy (when I went to the store, not online).

This was my original choice:
Which they did NOT have, but it says it included Intel HD graphics.

So, my main question: Will the UMA graphics be the same as an Intel HD graphics chip? Or did I make a mistake and get something worse than the Samsung. I would like to know so if it WAS a mistake on my part so I can return it and get something better. The price point is also very firm, as the budget has already been stretched to get it.
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  1. It's just the Intel HD graphics. I wouldn't call it enough to even run World of Warcraft. If he wants to be able to play any games at this price range I'd recommend an A series processor.
  2. Ah, so it is the Intel HD gfx? That's good. I would love to get that one, but unfortunately my mother has a strict budget that can go higher than the one I mentioned. I will try to talk her into it, but it's unlikely. Thanks for the reply anyways.
  3. You're welcome. The only reason I advise the upgrade is true gaming isn't playable on the HD 2000 graphics but is on the A8 (even though still low settings in most games).
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