Having trouble with RivaTNT2 and Quake3

I put together system for my brother and thought this
card we be cool, but it's been nothing but a pain in
the ass.
Here is his setup,
Epox Socket7/500Mhz k6-2
SCSI2 drives
I've tried the nvidia det2 and det3 drivers tono avail.
I get some error from the startup and it wont even load
the game.
Anybody have any suggestions?

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  1. Try reinstalling...
  2. aleady did it has to do with the card, not the game
    put ij an old 8mb ati card and it works.
    it's the card.
  3. If it is an open gl error then most likely your directx is not installed properly.. run dxdiag, and check for any missing or damaged files.
    if it is driver related then .. reboot in safe mode and replace your video driver with pci standard adapter and reboot. when it asks for the drivers.. cancel , then reinstall latest drivers.

    Write down the error, maybe i can help.
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