Can I upgrade this laptop

I want to buy a laptp in the next week. I was going to buy this from John Lewis. Here is the link.

But i have now seen this laptop that is on clearance sale and seems very cheap for a laptop with the performance it has. Here is the link

So this is my question. If i do decide to buy the samsung laptop. Am i able to upgrade features such as upgrade the graphics cards AND RAM in the future?

Thank you for your time and replies in advance. Much appreciated :)
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  1. You MIGHT can upgrade the RAM but the graphics card can't be upgrade.. Really on ANY laptop you can't upgrade anything but the RAM or HDD/SSD. ... Only the super high end models can have a Graphics upgrade
  2. The vast majority (99%+) of laptops cannot have the GPU upgraded because it is soldered into the motherboard. Only certain gaming specific laptops of at least $1,500+ have that capability.

    I believe all Alienware laptops and the 15.6+" gaming laptops from Falcon Northwest are examples of laptops which are likely to allow you to upgrade the graphics card.
  3. Ok thanks for your reply guys. For some reason the word "laptop" had a link to a very cheap laptop when i didn't do that. I have now changed it to "laptp"

    Anways, I was going to buy the toshiba i linked but the 15.6" model which has the same specs as the samsung with dedicated graphics card and 12gb ram with the option to upgrade, but it had a lower resolution which put me off.

    I think i will have to buy the Samsung due to it being a good laptop for the price even tho it only has 1gb graphics card.
  4. 1GB of VRAM is more than enough for 1600x900 resolution. That amount of VRAM is fine up to 1920x1200 resolution. You do not need more VRAM unless you go beyond 1920x1200.

    "More" is not always better because you can potentially be overpaying for something that does not give you any benefits. Like more than 1GB of VRAM for 1600x900 resolution.
  5. Ok. thanks for your fast response. Is there a way to know if the samsung can upgrade the ssd and ram before buying this laptop?
  6. Here's an English translation of an review in Italian for the 700Z5. It is a hybrid hard drive / SSD solution. Whether or not it is upgradeable to SSD is not mentioned. You can call Samsung customer support to find out more info., but I have to admit that the quality of info you get will likely vary from person to person.
  7. Ok. From the link that you posted it says that it has dedicated graphics which means that it is infact possible for me to change the graphics card. I will contact samsang to make sure about the ram ,ssd and graphhics card. Thanks for your help :)
  8. On a laptop dedicated graphics does not mean user replacable like on a desktop.
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