Sparkle TNT2 Pro 32MB AGP card

I have recently bought the above card but cannot get it to work properly. My system is: Mainboard - Gigabyte Aladdin GA-5AA, CPU - AMD K6-2 450, OS - Win 98, RAM - 128MB, Direct X 7.
The problem seems to be with the 3D acceleration. I can use the card with 2D games & applications without any problems and I notice a significant increase in speed over my Voodoo 3 2000. As soon as a program tries to engage 3D mode, my machine completely locks up.
I know that the card works fine as I have installed it on another machine and it runs like a dream. I have tried the drivers that came on the accompanying CD, the latest updated drivers from the Sparkle website and the latest NVidia drivers from the NVidia website. I have also since updated my BIOS to the latest AMIBIOS as I thought that my problems may have been due to a BIOS incompatibilty, but the same problem occurs with the new BIOS. I have
also reformatted my machine with the new card in from the start and I still have the same problem.
Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Did you follow the driver instructions from nVidia to the tee? Sometimes installing them "the normal way" doesn't seem to install them correctly. If you didn't already follow their instructions, that would be you next best course of action. On a bad note you may have just found a card that doesn't like your motherboard or vice versa. I have this EPoX motherboard that refuses to work with any ATi 3D Charger board... Even though I have used three other EPoX motherboards(identical models) that work great with any ATi 3d Charger card I try. Go figure.

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  2. Bad move. You have what is known as a VIA problem. First of all, the latest drivers from nVidia will slow down your TNT2 series card. nVidia states they will work, and they do, they also state improved performance, which is true for the GeForce, but not TNT cards. You need the Detonator 2 drivers instead of the Detonator 3. Shame on nVidia for providing such pour support for their older products, they could have at least left their older drivers on their website.
    You need the lates VIA 4-in-1 drivers, install the video driver in Turbo mode. Go into BIOS and change PNP OS to NO to avoid resource conflicts.

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