GF2 GTS and Q3

Hey all,

I got an asus v7700 gts awhile ago and it's running fine in all my games xcept q3a.

It runs fine, but looks terrible. If i stand still, all is well, but if i look left/right, up/down, the view gets really blurry/fuzzy.

And that's no way to play :)

Any thoughts/suggestions?

i've tried a whole bunch of diff det drivers with no change.
I've also messed with the vsync with no diff either.


256 PC133 micron
asus v770 /w det 6.50
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  1. wow.....
    nobody so far :)
  2. I think that's a God's message to you, son: "Quit sitting in front of the murderess Quake and take care of your spiritual health"... sigh :smile:
  3. Well one suggestion is to get a Radeon, I could and would be willing to help then because now I don't own a nVidia chipset card. I have everything maxed and running smooth at 1152x864x32 with or without vertex lighting. Impressive!!! Radeon 3d detail is quite frankly very strinking.
  4. Well, yoor right, the Radeon does produce a clear detailed image. But personaly, I can't see the difference between it and my GTS when it comes to quality picture...

    - I don't write Tom's Hardware Guide, I just preach it"
  5. Thats great, how about helping jojo then in getting his QuakeIII looking gorgeous. :smile:
  6. Hey buddy, don't step on me when I'm gloating about how much I love my vid card. As for his Q3, has he tried fooling around with the in game settings, such as detail level, or bumpmapping?

    - I don't write Tom's Hardware Guide, I just preach it"
  7. Its better to give then to receive right? Plus love your neighbor ....... :lol:
  8. As if changing from a fast Geforce 2 to a sucky Radeon would solve his proplem!

    We were just waiting for you to pop up with that one!

    Better burn in Hell with some company than freeze in Heaven all alone
  9. Have you tried changing the graphic settings of the game
    from low to high quality?

    Better burn in Hell with some company than freeze in Heaven all alone
  10. hehe *STOMP STOMP* goes the Radeon on the GF 2 GTS.. *STOMP STOMP* half the price and just as good... sometimes better.. *STOMP STOMP*

    Old addage: "Users never prosper" :o) Long live the tweakers
  11. Go to and see the Radeon only beating GeForce one time!

    Better burn in Hell with some company than freeze in Heaven all alone
  12. okay, so you are admitting that the geforce lost at least once, and costs twice as much, check my other thread in graphics cards.. take the convo there..

    Old addage: "Users never prosper" :o) Long live the tweakers
  13. I'll try to be polite...I don't really care for any of your opinion's on the radeon, I've made my purchase and am completely satisfied* with it and would not ever consider the Radeon (although i'm sure it's a nice card too), thank you

    * completely satisfied EXCEPT for the q3 performance.

    It is obviously some setting that is wrong, and not the quality of the card that is causing this.

    I am asking for any opinions/advice on the settings for MY card.

    Yes, i've tried in low detail and diff settings in the q3a graphics section. But thanks anyway...

    Anyone else?

    Thanks and have a nice day.
  14. oh, and by the way blah, i've only played the game for about 5 min, then God tells me to go do homework. :)
  15. You did ask for any suggestions, yes the nVidia guru's should be helping you out vice debating who has the bigger, badder card. Come on you GF2 owners who play QuakeIII, lend a helping post here and take the Radeon VS GF2 debate elsewhere.
  16. I don't have a GF2, just a TNT2. But what Drivers are you useing? And how much have you player with the card settings? Did you try to find a set of optimal settings for your card? Usually found on manufactures web site. What is the manufacturer anyway? Maybe this will info you give will help others help you :-)

    Someday I will stop asking all the questions!
  17. All that info is given in my first post.

    In case anyone didn't see it, here it is again.

    Asus V7700 32Mb DDR Pure
    det drivers 6.50

    Thanks all :)

    i'm such an idiot and would like to apologize to anyone who tried to help me out.

    I noticed that it was only when i looked around with the mouse, not when i strafted or ran forward/backward.

    turns out that somehow i disabled mouse smoothing, and when i enabled it, it was fine.

    Now the game looks bloody amazing :) :) :)

    (although i didn't have to do that with my old v3....)

    thanks all
  19. DOH stupid me, I must be blind, sorry. Well then all I can say is to keep playing with the settings. One more question, Does this only happen in Q3A? If so It has to be a setting in the game, just a metter of finding the right one.

    Someday I will stop asking all the questions!
  20. Booky, you need to go to bed or something, just kidding. He solved his problem.
  21. hey booky, no prob hehe, just look at my prev post (i solved the prob and provided an explanation) and we'll see who is really dumb (hehe, ME!)
  22. Swell .I have a V5.And Q111 works just fine.Grafics are great.No problems.I had a GF2 GTS..could not get it to work.When i did,it did not impress me.Even with all the new drivers for it.Sure they are faster,,,,30% at the most which is not enough for me to spend the extra 100$..Voodoo is a tried item,and until a reliable card with no perks is made,im staying right here....Im sure i will burn in hell from these guys or girls,but to bad.........
  23. hmm.... strange, but I agree with you.

    I used to be running a v3 2000 which is totally under-powered for my system, but I was totally happy with it and never ever had a problem with it, and for 120 CDN , how could you go wrong.
    I always got decent fps's with that card, of course with 800x600x16 with everything turned off.

    (I solved the q3a prob by the way :) )
  24. Don´t listen to the Radeon Freaks!
    The GeForce 2 chip is better than the Radeon!

    The anandtech reviews show Geforce beating Radeon 7 games to 1 in both Win 98 and Win 2000!

    So there! ATI RADEON SUCKS! Even if its cheaper!

    Better burn in Hell with some company than freeze in Heaven all alone
  25. don't worry Kaos, I know :),
    That's why i bought the GTS.
    Cause it was faster in 90%+ of the benchmarks.
  26. hehe, WordKaos you are funny. For you indeed the Radeon sucks but for me it is a dream card. To each there own. Enjoy :lol:
  27. Yeah right !
    But i bet you´re counting your money to buy a GeForce 3!

    Better burn in Hell with some company than freeze in Heaven all alone
  28. Hey, don't be giving away my secrets anymore allright? Hey buddy, got a lump of money that you can throw my way? ahmmmm my Radeon is ahmmmm just getting a lit-tle b-i-t jer--k-y here a-nd th---ere, yea just a l-i--tt-le bi-t. :smile:
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