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Hi all,
I recently bought a new monitor that allows for 1600x1200 resolution, however i dont see any option higher than 1280x1024 resolution selectable.
My system is a HP8765c, specs are as follows:
Athlon 900mhz/ 256MB Ram/ Creative 3D blaster Annihilator2 (GeForce2GTS)/ DX8/ Nvidia Detonator3 drivers (.650). I also have the correct drivers from my monitors manufacturer for the monitor that i bought. The monitors box says it is capable of 1600x1200 res, and on the Annihilators box it also seems to be able to achieve this, however my highest selectable screen res. is 1280x1024.
Any help is appreciated
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  1. Have you tried the Creative drivers? Just a thought. There may be some difference between them. Of course I've never run into that problem so I'm kinda talkin' outta my ass.

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  2. Yes, i sure did. I have tried the Creative drivers as well. It was the same thing. But interestingly while i was using the creative drivers, i was able to use the blaster control tools. In these tools they have diagnostics, and as i went through them i noticed one that said monitor, and listed the max res available to my monitor as 1600x1200. hehe i just dont get it=(
    Thanks for the suggestion though.
  3. Does Display Properties correctly report your monitor model? If it doesn't you need to install the INF file for it or perhaps you need to get an updated INF file from the manufacturer's Web site.

    As a last resort, you can use an INF file for another monitor. My old Mag DX15-T can do 1600x900 but the INF file only supports 1280x1024. By installing the INF file for an Hitachi CM776 I am able to run the desired resolution. In order to prevent Windows from redetecting your actual monitor you have to de-select "Automatically detect Plug & Play monitors" under the Monitor tab of Display Properties.

    <b>Warning! Using resolutions or refresh rates beyond your monitor's actual capabilities can permanently damage it!</b>
  4. Um I am going on a limb and asking this anyway even though im sure you checked this. What is the max res your 3D Blaster Annihilater2 supports? I know I know please don't flame me for asking. I just don't know anything about that card.

    Someday I will stop asking all the questions!
  5. I believe that your monitor is not supporting the higher resolution.

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  6. Im starting to think that as well. Let me ask you question. What controls how far you can move the slide bar in the Settings tab.Is this available bar based on the Monitors available res? or on the Card you are using?.Mine only goes up to 1280x1024, im curious as to which product i need to replace, as both of them list 1600x1200 res on their respective boxes.(or more in case of Vid card)
  7. Which monitor do you have (brand/model)?

    If it s 17" or smaller, 1280x1024 is a good resolution for this size. 1600x1200 is overkill.
    If it is 19" or bigger, then 1600x1200 would be better.

    check that both, the card and the monitor support that resolution at the same refresh rate.

    One of my monitors supports 1600x1200@56hz (crappy, I know.) my graphics card only supports refresh rates starting from 60hz and upwards. so that setting doesn't come up. You might be having the same problem.
  8. The monitor i have is a Proview/Magview #vm900e. It is a 19" monitor.
    It is recognized in my display settings as the correct monitor, and my video card seems to be correct as well, so im guessing that drivers should be fine. Youre suggestion about the refresh rates is interesting, ill have to check my documentation tonight and see what refresh rates they suggest for various resolutions. I also downloaded a nifty tool called HZ Tool, which seems to allow me to change to a bunch of unlisted Hz settings. Would this be a good tool to experiment with to try to find a matching frequency? (im not as tech savvy as alot of you out there, so please forgive me if i sound stupid=)
  9. The monitor INF file controls how far the resolution slide can be moved. This can be overridden by Windows when it reads the Plug & Play attributes of the monitor. Since this information is reported by the graphics adapter the adapter must make the determination. This is not always correct.

    As I mentioned in my other post (in a round-about way), Windows can be prevented from detecting the monitor at all, and the attributes can be <b>forced</b> via a monitor INF file. To use this method you must be certain of your monitor's capabilities. The specifications of your monitor should be available from the manufacturer.

    To the best of my knowledge, all Geforce cards and successors are capable of reaching 1600x1200 in 3D and even higher in 2D.
  10. I just re-read your last post. I see that your system is correctly detecting your monitor. Windows still may be picking up the Plug and Play attributes incorrectly.

    Try this:

    1) Display Properties >Settings >Advanced >Monitor
    2) Deselect (uncheck) "Automatically detect Plug and Play Monitors"
    3) Exit Display Properties.
    4) Restart the system. This will force Windows to pick up your display properties from the INF file, hopefully providing all available resolutions and corresponding refresh rates.

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  11. Well, that did something. Im a little closer. I now see another option to the right of the 1280x1024 option, however it is 1600x900@85Hz.Im getting psyched now, any other thoughts on what i can do?
  12. I think you said you installed "drivers" for your monitor which usually means just the INF file. (Sometimes it includes some utility like color management software). In any case, the INF file has left out the 1600x1200 resolution.

    Your options are

    1) Check the manufacter's web for an updated INF or request a fix from your manufacturer.

    2) Follow the advice of my first post. Change the monitor, in Display Properties, to another monitor, like the Hitachi CM776. (Although, you might be better off by finding a 19" monitor's INF file. I think the CM776 is a 17" monitor. If it is your fonts will appear a little, too big).

    If you make a change make sure "Automatically detect Plug and Play Monitors" is still deselected before you restart, otherwise Windows will autodetect, load your actual monitor stats, and you will be back where you started.

    3) Edit your existing INF file. (This is very advanced technique. I won't even do this for fear of messing up my monitor).

    If you want to try, the safest way is to perform suggestion (2) firstly and then try to find the settings used in that INF file and copy them to your monitor INF file.

    Good luck!
  13. Thanks alot for all your help! I have tried just about every monitor in the options i can get is 1600x900. I even placed a call to the monitors vendor, they walked me through the same steps you suggested, and then said i should call Microsoft. The guy on the phone said he had heard a couple of these same things before, and he recalled them all using ME as an OS.He suggested that it may be an incompatibility with Win ME and my hardware. Again thanks for takin the time to try and help me out on this, its appreciated!!
  14. Sorry to hear it.

    Maybe this <A HREF="" target="_new">tip to use the generic monitor driver</A> will help. I just found it at the Microsoft site.

    If it doesn't work, well, I'm out of ideas.

    Good luck, once again!
  15. If your still into playing around find the drivers from the OS:

    Update Drivers
    Specify Location
    Display List
    show all hardware
    Pick your Manufacturer on the left then your model on the right

    Install and good luck

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  16. I try that, and each one i pick starts to install, but then it tells me that "these drivers have not been tested by digital ME will not allow the installation. God ME sucks!!Is there a way to bypass this? It seems to me that the end user should have final say on what drivers they choose to install, not windows ME.
  17. Well, i finally went back to best buy with the monitor in hand, and exchanged it. They wanted to give me another one of the exact same monitors, and that was fine by me. But i made sure i brought my PC with me to test it, and it was the same thing. I tried another monitor and it ran fine at 1600x1200. So with a little wheeling and dealing ( and a whole lotta the wife bitchin to the manager) they gave me a 19" monitor with a super flat screen selling for 150 bucks more as an even exchange. =)
    I want to say thanks to everyone who took time to offer me suggestions, and come up with some good troubleshooting tips.Salute to Psstphok(hope i spelled it right) who continuously treid to come up with more suggestions. This is a great resource, and all the assistance is appreciated!!
  18. the bar resolution in your properties settings is just for the resolution of the windows and the program you are running at,
    but 1600*1200 can be turned on in the game menu.
    I think the games will work at this resolution without any problem.
    And if it doasn't work, so tell the seller of the monitor to replace it with a real one.
  19. You are welcome. I hate it when products don't work as advertised. Even if it is something as simple as an .inf file, it is still the manufacturer's responsibility to get it right.

    Good luck with the new equipment.

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  20. Oh man I had that happen too but I remember clicking something that allowed me to install non sig drivers. Can't exactly remember but it was there.

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