Basically free "Star Rocket" in St. Louis

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Ok, I have had this "Star Rocket" EM game in my basement for over a
year now. I paid $50 for it, I am never going to mess with it, it needs
to go.

Size and form factor are similar to a stand up arcade game, the object
of the game is to pop balls around in the bottom to score points. It
was made in the 50s. The backglass is flaking bad.

It is complete, it lights up, all the coils and such seem to work (I
can activate them by closing relays by hand), but it will not start an
actual game.

Bring me a JAMMA board for it or something, it is located in St. Louis
MO, near where highway 270 meets 170.
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    Paige, if you don't mind sitting on it for a few weeks, I may be moving
    back to Texas and would be happy to give this machine a home in the
    Lone Star Pinball Museum.

    By all means, if someone else offers a trade go for it.
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