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I would like to purchase one laptop. My budget is around 30-40,000 Indian rupess.Can anyone suggest which laptop I should consider?

My basic requirements are following.

1. I am a programmer. So I prefer minimum I3 2nd generation or which any AMD which ever is equivalent to that.

2. I am not planning to spend more time for gaming. So no need to consider the laptop for gaming. Only for my programming work.

3. Prefer to have 4gb Memory.

4. I prefer to watch Full HD movies with good sound effects. I am more interested on this.
50% for my programming and 50% for entertainment. Is it required 1GB graphics card?

5. Prefer to have good display.

6. Heat does matter. Less heating laptop.

7 Weight matters 2.3 or lesser than that.

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  1. Well I don't know about the prices in india but as for the hardware, you'll be fine with an i3 and no, you don't need a dedicated graphic card for that.
    Honestly, you have very general expectations from your laptop: good display, good sound quality, less heat. These are heavily dependent on your budget. Also 2.3 kg is really no different than say 2.5 kg. If you want a light and more portable device, then consider buying an ultrabook.
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