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Cool cool cool! Thanks Tom for the indepth discussion of the new technologies behind the mask GF3. Your discussion has taught me more about 3d on a video then anbody else, you have a knack of taking something very complicated and making it look easy to say the least. In fact I wish your article was longer, when I came to the end I was dissappointed. That is I wanted to read more and more and more...... nVidia seems to be advanceing real time 3d graphics to a point where rendered 3d will become less important. Hopefully nvidia will get their drivers for this marvel good enough for an early release. Thanks! :smile:
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  1. i agree, i found the article very informative. i'm very intrigued by this memory controller which can supposedly cut latencies to 25% of what they were. if that's true, i can't wait for it to make its way into chipsets too...
  2. The only this that sucks is that there will be a MX, PRO, Ultra in the future.

    :cool: First person to get a topic banned. :cool: ABIT BP6 Lives FOREVER!!! :cool: VIA SUCKS !!! :cool:
  3. I agree best article I've read for ages. How long before these cards reach sensible prices though?

    Hmmmm... Donuts
  4. Probably when competition from ATI influences the price will the GF3 really start coming down. From the three sites I usually compare reviews (Sharkyextreme, AnAndTech and TomsHardware) Toms review was the best by far. AnAndTech's seemed rushed without all the great diagrams to explain what he was talking about and Sharkey's was alright. Looks like nVidia is allowing ATI to maintain their Video Crown. ATi still has adaptive-deinterlacing and IDCT hardware support while no else matches that. Plus Sharky was concerned about the 2d ability of the GF3 if it was like the GF2 or not. I hope nVidia ensures top notch 2d on there GF3 line of cards. In any case I am sure by Christmas time the GF3's will be available for less than $400.00 if not less than $350.00. What do you think?
  5. I think nvidia should be responsible for me having a life style of crime. If I get caught trying to steal one of those suckers from a store I will hold nvidia responsible.

    Hopefully ati will have an answer that performs close or above the gee3. Nvidia took a pretty big jump in performance from what I've seen.
  6. By Chrystmas there will be a Geforce Pro or Ultra on the market!
    Or something with the 3DFx technology!

    Better burn in Hell with some company than freeze in Heaven all alone
  7. Lets hope so. That way the prices will come down. Here is a review of 3 GF3 cards:

    SUS AGP-V8200 GF3
    Leadtek WinFast GeForce3
    Gigabyte GA-GF3000D

    Comparing them to both the Radeon 32 and GeForce 2 Ultra in a number of interesting benchmarks including one of my favorite benchmarks for overdraw VilliageMark. Just remember these are preproduction boards and drivers. Highly technical comparisons but Quake3 is used alot also. I really can't wait for Tom to do the official review, it will be so much better and clearer, sigh :frown: .

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