For Free: Pole Position I Cockpit in Denver, CO

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For Free: Pole Position I Cockpit in Denver, CO

Cabinet is complete..just add monitor, power supply, and boardset.
I've used those items to rebuilt an upright Pole Position game.
Accelerator on foot board switch needs to be replaced. I have a
working foot pedal from an PP upright and you could use those parts to
fix this.

I'm simply going to leave this in an alley behind our house if
someone expresses interest. I don't have the time to coordinate or
help with loading the game ...sorry time is the busiest for me.

Cabinet is in good condition but needs some cleanup and paint around
the footsteps. Original sideart is very complete. I'll see if I can
post up a few photos but I can promise this.
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    I'm interested, but before I can say yes or no I would have to see some
    pictures of the condition it's in.
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