problem with virtual memory,plz help!

i dont know what i did but suddenly my virtual memory is 0 and i cant change it! now i cant play games :(
when i go to system,advanced,performance,virtual memory i get this error first,before i get in the VM tab:

then when i get in and try to change to amount of virtual memory it wont change! it always stays on 0 i reboot and all that,nothing helps :(
can someone plzzzz help me?
(and sorry for my crap english..)
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  1. Try using system restore to roll back to a point before you messed around with vm and perhaps deleted your paging file - I use restore all the time - I have a tendency to screw things up all the time ...

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  2. yea i wanted to do that then i checked and saw that it was set to OFF lol.. stupid me :\
    and 10x 4 trying 2 help. :]
  3. sorry - try posting Toey ...

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  4. it seems that you're using winxp, right?

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  5. Since the page file is already set to zero, try selecting "No paging file", reboot into Safe Mode, and then delete the hidden file (C:\pagefile.sys). Then reboot again. Afterwards, set the page file as "System managed size". Reboot again. Then attempt to set the page file with a custom setting, and reboot once more.

    Be sure you do all of this using an administrative account.

    I suggest leaving a minimum sized file of 2MB on C:, if you intend to move the bulk of the page file to a partition on a separate hard drive. This really helps avoid these kind of problems in WinXP, IMHO. Look at this link for more information, under <A HREF="" target="_new">Problems with Virtual Memory</A>.


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