Video card disrupts internet

I just installed a Nvidia card into a computer im building. And everytime i try to play a game with graphics my internet gets disconnected which is a problem since i play multiplayer games. Please help.
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  1. Hallo, let me say first I'm no expert on this, but...

    Is your problem with ANY game, or just multiplayer games? I can't imagine a video card interrupting your internet unless your vid card and modem are sharing some resources...
    Try downloading SiSoft Sandra 2001 diagnostic program from the internet. It may show if there are any conflicts.. or check your control panel, system for conflicts. Um.. or try switching the modem to another pci slot? That usually gets windows to assign it different resources..

    Sorry not much help here.. Good luck

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  2. right click on my computer.
    click on properties.
    you can check the resources from there.

    also run dxdiag, it will be in "c:\program files\directx\".
    run all the tests.

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