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Greetings fellow collectors.

A little about me. I am semi-new to the collector world. I am an
electronics tech by trade, mostly dealing in the analog world. But I
take some interest in the digital world as well. My most recent hobby
has been repair and collection of classic video arcade items and
jukeboxes. I have some boards n such I am clearing out of my stock up
on "feepay" and would like to just bounce the info to my fellow
collectors. If there is a great need for any of these hard to find
boards please drop me a line in email and maybe we can work out an
early end to the auction. I am willing to entertain trades on project
cabinets within 25-50 miles of pitsburgh pa. I am also available for in
home troubleshooting and repair of your games or jukes. prices are VERY
reasonable. I am furthermore available to come to your home, inspect
your gameroom, play all of your stuff, and eat all of your cookies free
of charge =) (if in the pittsburgh area) Questions or comments, please
feel free. Thank you for your time.

My auction listings -

I have 100% positive seller feedback, and three negatives from good
old mrcrazymame who sold me some goods that were otherwise as listed
and got the negative feedback he deserved despite his childish threats.
Purely retalitory buyer feedback and totally unrelated to the fact that
he got good corespondence and payment from me. I hate when people do
that. Grow up greg.

I also have some complete working arcade games and jukes available.

Ie. A Alien vs. Predator 3 player conversion in an absolutly mint
gauntlet cab (nicest wood I ever seen next to new) Uses the Capcom blue
board CPS2 system. Just swap the top to play any other CPS2 games.

I also have a nice cache of old game boards that I make sure are in
working order.

Ie. A midway 280 zzzap and space invaders deluxe.

I have lots of other goodies from chassis, deflection coils, joy's etc
I can sell/trade with my local collectors.

Games I currently own and operate in my very small basement =)

Ms. Pacman
hang on
f1 grand prix star
pole position cockpit
boot hill
gran trak 10
asteroids deluxe
star fire cockpit (under construction)
operation wolf
midway space invaders cocktail (under construction)
Thunderblade cockpit

And a delta queen pin. =)

- Matt
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    PS. The auction shipping prices are what is actually in the auction
    description body. I need to correct an error tomorrow. thats priority
    shipping too, not UPS. Damn turbolister. Thanks.
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