Cannot fully disable sticky keys on Windows 7 64

I cannot disable 'ctrl', 'shift' or 'alt' sticky keys permanently on my alienware m15x windows 7 64 laptop. I have disabled everything through 'ease of use' and still cannot use these three keys by holding them down for spam attacks when gaming. I have no problem doing this on vista or windows 7 32, only on this laptop using windows 7 64.

If I was not a gamer and did not use these keys assigned for attacks it would not matter. I have read other posts where people ask about it on Windows 7 64, but I have not seen a solution. The typical answer is to uncheck all boxes for sticky keys and filters, but this does not change anything.

I have no problem using other keys for spam attacks, only these keys so far.
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  1. Hi there,

    Try this:


    Windows Outreach Team
  2. LOL... Thanks for the support, but I posted that I unchecked all boxes for sticky keys. Anyway, I believe this to be an Alienware M15X keyboard issue. After testing, everything works fine using a USB keyboard. This only happens when using the laptop's keyboard.
  3. Oh weird.. have you checked for updated input drivers, via Device Manager?

    Windows Outreach Team
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