Which laptop to get? AMD A8 / i5

Hello, im on the lookout for a new laptop around the 400-£450 mark. I've seen a few but I'm torn between getting an i5 with generally integrated graphics for that price such as the HD 4000 or the A8 AMD processor with radeon hd 7660g graphics card

Ill mainly be playing games on it with browsing the net; games such as World of Warcraft and MMO's of that sort.

Any advice greatly appreciated, currently looking at going with one of these:


any recommendations?
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  1. Get AMD, it has better perfoming GPU which is alot more important than a beefy CPU for gaming.
  2. Without a dedicated GPU, game performance will depend on the processor's integrated GPU.

    The Radeon 7640G integrated into the A8-4500M is a fair bit faster than the Intel HD 4000 integrated into an Ivy Bridge i5.
  3. so would the samsung probably be the best for my price range or is there something else?
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