The Razer Boomslang Mouse

I am thinking of getting ths Razer Boomslang but I don't know anyone who has one to test it out.
So first is it worth the price? $69 for 1000dpi & $99 for 2000dpi
Second would/does it perform the same using a cpu switch?
Last I figure it will work fine in 98 but what about Win 2k?

Thanks in advance for your replies
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  1. OK,
    Does anyone have anything to say about it?
  2. well i've got a razer bs2k, and i have never regretted buying it(well took some time getting used to, and i was doubting it's potential a bit at first), but when you first get used to it you'll never switch back to another mouse.
    but if you are thinking of using this mouse for office aplications then i'd say it would be a waste of money, me myself am an avid gamer, where the boomslang easily improves my rail in q3a.
    i myself use win98se and no problems there.
    2 of my clan members use it with win2k, and they don't have any problems either, so if your'ere going to use it for gaming buy it now.
    also a smart move would be to get a great mousepad for it, i'd recomend the icemat, a revelolutinary mousepad made of glass, else i'd opt for the func 1030 mousing surface
  3. Perdon my ignorance,but what the hell is a Razer Boomslang?, sounds like a car from the 60's, Like a Lightburn Zeta

    So long and thanks for all the fish
  4. The Razor Boomslang is a gaming mouse, check out there website: <A HREF="" target="_new">Razerzone</A>

    It's more acurate than a regular mouse, but does take a little while to get used to.

    By the way it does work fine through a cpu switch
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