Acer 5741 ''Black Screen'' RECURRING!

Hi Guys my name is alan. Id like to share a problem perhaps you guys can help me with.
i bought an acer 5741with no operating system. As far as my knowledge went it was quite easy to put a new one in considering i've done it a 100 times. Now i put windows 8 pro in and it seemed to work fine until after a few restarts (laptop sat there off for about few hours) and then the acer logo would come up and then windows logo but after that black screen with fan working and backlight on. I thought it may be a windows 8 compatability issue so i formatted the hdd and put windows 7 and the same thing happened after a few restarts.THen i did some research and found out that it was the bios causing the problem which required it to flash. I installed windows 8 again (just to let you know) same thing happened again... then I went to the support website and downloaded the correct one > dos folder> .FD file etc renamed it and did the whole procedure and amazingly it started working again!!! I was glad it worked but AGAIN after a few restarts the same thing happened which means the bios was getting corrupted again. Now everytime i flash the bios it works fine for a while then it stops again.
One other thing i can tell you that once during this time DURing the time i was on the desktop the screen went black and a loud beeping noise came and i had to switch it off yet facing the same problem after the acer logo etc.
Things i have done:
Flashed bios (which fixes the problem temporarily)
Changed rams (put different one in changed slots etc) (currently it has 3gb (2+1)
Changed HDD.

I think that should be ample information to help me sort this. This site has a world of geniuses out there i'd be VERY thankful if you help i dont want my money to go to waste.
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  1. try this unplug the power and remove the battery then press start to drain system after a few minutes put the battery back and check date and time in the bios if they are the one it should be when you open the system if not need to replace the cmos battery on the board .
  2. Thanks for the suggestion ill try now
  3. No luck with that my friend. I Took the battery out and kept the power button pressed for a while.. pressed it again and again quite a few times. after about 2 minutes i put the battery back in and went to the setup f2 and the date is correct. BUT i must add :S that after doing so the system has booted up considering it never turns on unless i flash the bios again. Thats surprizing.
    Any other suggestions?
  4. Maybe CMOS battery is causing problem. Because it is really strange. You could try and change it. Of course you will need a correct battery. Just a guess here.
  5. Im not sure myself and considering ive fixed dozens and dozens of computers i have never came across such a persistent and continuous problem without a logical reason. Ive ran diagnostics and the hardware seems fine. atleast the ram and hdd dont seem to be the problem considering if they were it wouldnt run the windows perfectly once its booted. And its beyond my understanding why flashing the bios would make it work fine.
    Any suggestions would help? Meanwhile ill think of changing the cmos battery (cant now because i dont have access to a new one at the moment)
  6. that is looking the bios eprom is having something first time i encounter that stay around maybe someone else had this issue before, this is the link the talk about security ans password you could load the user manual and the driver this system came out with win 7
  7. Hmmm.. I've been there as well no use really to be honest. All drivers are perfectly installed and uptodate
  8. I'd just like to say i believe it was a motherboard problem as i opened it up completely and wasnt able to diagnose any problem in any individual component. I've sold it to someone who is going to change the motherboard!
    Thanks for all who replied
  9. Hi :)

    CLOSING due to age... but please start another thread if you are still having problems , which I will answer promptly...

    All the best Brett :)
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