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I am looking for a laptop under $900 for 3D rendering in primarily Maya (I also use Photoshop and After Effects, if that needs to be taken into consideration).
It's /not/ going to be a desktop replacement, just a high performance laptop that would let me work and render on the go.
I am torn between a better graphics card or more ram, but other than that, these two laptops are pretty much the same (minus a few details that aren't super important-hard drive size and processor speed).
Anyone have any advice? I don't really care to game on it and would be using it everyday (btw, I am a college student).


and if something else blows these two out of the water please let me know!
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  1. $900 would only waste your time IMO, you would need to spend at least double that for what you want to do, and not have to wait days for the renders to complete
  2. I have a HP 4530s and it renders perfectly. Check out some of the renders we do and I have done these on a laptop.
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