You got U$100 bucks, asking: what video card get?

You whant to 1)Play 2)CAD 3)Edit video
1) The best U$100 = Is any one with the Geforce 2MX (NV11) chipset as: ( in order of good to poor)
Guillemot/hercules Prophet IIMX 32SDRAM
Asus V7100 32SDRAM
A-open PA256 32SDRAM
Elsa Geforce 2 NV11
Cardexpert Geforce2 32SDRAM

2) CAD
G450 Matrox 16DDR (16DDR!!!= almost to 32SDRAM!!!)
G400 32 SDRAM

3) Get real for U$100, keep on dreaming.

Any comments?
Thanks god for AMD!!
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  1. No contest, get the GeForce MX, can't do better for $100 USD. Take-Out. PS: Not sure about the CAD performance with this card.

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  2. I would say the GF2MX is the best deal in this price range. The Hercules should be a good card.

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  3. Consider a Radeon LE, which has 32megs of DDR ram at 128bit. The Radeon has excellent 2d (clarity and speed) next to a Matrox. Can be had for less than $90 shipped to your house.
  4. I think he should loko at the Radeon VE.
    It is a 32MB DDR Video card with TRUE Dual-Head 2 Monitor capability. It is fairly fast in todays games, VERY good for CAD/CAM and video editing, with it's dual monitor setup.
    You can get it retail for around $100 now..

    Check it out.
  5. VE's got 64-bit DDR. The LE's better.
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