Repair or replace a motherboard?


I have an old HP Mini 210, and it looks like I just killed the mainboard (side effect of other repairs--yay!) I can't get it to POST even completely stripped down. I get fans/LEDs on, but even the LCD backlight/VGA output don't do anything.

Is it worth chasing a "new" mobo on ebay--they're about $50? Could I look for a different (better/cheaper) alternative? Or should I just admit defeat and go shopping for a new netbook?

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    First off.. Unless your a certified professional. Please don't tinker with a laptop motherboard. Let the manufacture do that. Only mess with RAM and Hard drive.

    Now since your motherboard is no good. and You can't really replace the motherboard unless you get one with the EXACT same CPU and board.. you just need to accept defeat and get a new netbook. Its not that bad of a deal really
  2. I hate admitting defeat. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
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