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I recently got an Acer Formula One 200-series notebook. I already have a wireless network connection via a USB-modem, but I also own a 3G iphone (using Bluetooth to coonect with the notebook). The problem here is that I often take the notebook to rural areas, where connections can be a bit iffy. Sometimes the USB-modem connects while the Iphone does not, and vice versa. Now, I plan to use that notebook from time to time to with a local hunting group, to use as a leader's coordination and GPS system. The problem is the connectivity: sometimes the USB-modem works, sometimes not. Sometimes the Iphone works, sometimes not. These connectivity issues seems mostly overlapping however: where the Iphone finds no network, there is at least some connectivity with the USB-modem and vice versa.

Is it possible to have Windows 7 automatically select (or is there an easy one-click way to switch) between the best connection, or the functional connection, if both devices remain connected to the notebook? The idea is to have as close to continuous network connectivity at all times.
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    If you right click on a given connection after accessing the connection list in the system tray, i.e. say your iphone, go to properties and there should be 3 check boxes with the options that you are looking for. That should help you get a continuous connection between your 2 options.
  2. Ah yes, found the options you were talking about. Enabled the necessary ones, tested it and the automatic switching seems to function without flaws when one device suddenly loses internet connectivity.

    Many thanks for your assistance, problem solved.
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