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I have a 64 radeon ddr video card and I accidently installed 2 sets of drivers for it. Now my computer will only boot up in safe mode. I have tried to remove the drivers but it wont let me. I removed the video card and rebooted but it still comes up in safe mode.
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  1. Boot into safe mode (as you can only do)

    Backup any important files before proceeding.

    <b>1. Change your graphics card setting to the default vga only graphics card.

    2. Find out the files that are installed by the two drivers. You can do this using the following</b>

    If the two drivers are in some sort of compressed form (very likely), Open them in winzip or some other similar program.

    If they're not compressed or already expanded i.e. they're just a set of files in a directory, open that directory.

    <b>3. Make a subdirectory on your desktop or the in the temp directory.

    4. Find each and every occurance of the files (you were looking at in the drivers directory/zip file) in your windows directory, including its subderctories. And, move them into the new subdirectory you made.

    5. Re-install the graphics card and one set of its drivers.

    Every thing should hopefuly work. If it does you can get rid of the temporary directory you made.
  2. To find all of your ATI files use search and type in ati*. You can delete them all and reinstall your drivers.

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