I7-3630QM with HD4000 or i7-3520M with GT 630M?

I am in a big state of confusion with two laptops. Both of them are have identical configs other than GPU and GPU with a $70 difference. One comes with i7-3630QM ($580) while the other one comes with i7-3520M with dedicated GT630M ($650). I am more into graphic works like photoshop and illustration along with softwares like matlab. I don't intend on playing recent games on it (got xbox for that). So which one would actually be better, quad core or dual core with dedicated graphics; in overall context?

Please don't suggest me anything like "get 650M" or some other laptop because these two are my only options.

Cheers :)
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  1. Go for the quad core. The quad core will serve you better with graphics work. The dual core wont be enough.
  2. So intel HD 4000 will work smoothly with HD videos, graphic works and basic gaming like star craft? I forgot to mention about HD videos in my post.
  3. Yes it will work fine for HD videos and graphic works, do you mean Starcraft 1 or 2? If it is the first one yes, second one not so much.
  4. Will it play Starcraft 2 might be a question but it is certain the dual core will let you down when rendering.
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