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Hello, I'm having a problem with a fairly new laptop. It's Lenovo Z580A with intel i3 2370m processor and integrated graphics. It has 4B DDR3 and 500GB HDD. It has windows 7 32-bit installed on it (not my mistake for 0.6GB waste..). Today after i tried to boot like every other day, the screen goes black before windows logon. Also yesterday it got a bit warm down under during the use. It usually is always cold, very little warmth comes out of it, but yesterday it got a bit more warm, nothing close to hot. I don't think it's overheating, i am afraid it's motherboard problem. Any ideas on how to diagnose and solve the problem in a short time?

Thanx ahead guys and sorry for the bad english!
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  1. And I have some aditional info if it would help anyone who knows. This is the first time laptop battery drained. I usually always plug it in the wall when it says 7% battery plug in your charger. This time it turned off itself, and now I'm afraid some parts (MBO, HDD or RAM) were underpowered and became faulty, although I thought laptop manufacturers are dealing with that problem with ease since 10 years ago... Any help would be really really apriciated!
  2. Anyone with an idea, it would be very helpful! Laptop is now up and running, but the problem still exists probably, because i googled and folkes said that it happened often to them
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