Laptop for minecraft under $525

Hello, im looking to buy a laptop for minecraft that will last me at least 4 years.

dont care about size or battery life

needs to have good-ish graphics(enough to play minecraft normally)

i prefer intel (i3 or i5) but i geuss i could settle for a good amd like an a8-4500m or higher with dedicated or good integrated graphics

i know an intel processor is hard to get good graphics under 525.

i want the laptop to play minecraft, surf the web with couple tabs open general stuff like schoolwork too.

brand doesnt matter but i prefer to stay away from dell and other sketchy brands(i want it to last long)

IT WONT be transported around until i got off to college in 2.5 years so maybe an HDMI port would be good

i am looking at 4 laptops right now and im wondering which is better.

are there better ones than this for around the same price?

i know this a lot to ask but i appreciate the answers feel free to ask questions

the laptops im looking at are:





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  1. okay so judging by the views and no replies.. my question is too complex. so ill start by asking which of those links to the laptops is best.
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