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Hi fellas,

I recently joined to this great community. I've been doing divx coding for some time. But yesterday I've encountered with a problem that I can not figure what to do.

I've downloaded a movie for a friend from internet (thanks to my broadband access). When I tried to open it, to see if its downloaded OK, the Windows media player couldn't find the video codec and played only the sound in a very jerky way. I know the video is about an hour long, yet media player tells me its more than 3 hours (which is impossible). The funny thing is, when I click to the late sections of the movie, it still plays the audio, as if its really more than 3 hours long. So, I tried.

1) Checking the properties of the file returned:


Duration: 42:26
Bir Rate: 95kbps
Audio Format: MPEG Layer 3

Frame Rate: 25 frames/second
Data Rate: 65kbps
Video sample size: 24 bit
Video compression: DIVXMPG4 V3

If you look at the coding, it says Divx 4 but I've re-installed the latest Divx codec, no cure. Media player can still not understand what the hell the video is.

2) I thougt maybe Windows mis-understands the codec, so installed the Xvid codec as well. No help :(

3) Right now I am uninstalling the Divx codecs and searching the internet for Divx 4 codec itself. Maybe that will help.

My question is, is there a tool/program that analyzes the avi/mpeg files and tells you which codec is used in it? Or could the low/wierd data rate (65kbps) be the real problem?

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. i've downloaded an anime and it only plays the audio. Windows Media Player couldn't seem to find the correct video codec. I asked the guy I downloaded it from and he told me to get an ogs codec. Tried it even though I noticed it was an audio codec and true enough it didn't work. I'm wondering if he was referring to this ogg theora thing? Why don't you give it a try? Anyway the file I got was .avi. I don't know if this would help you but if you happen to find a place to get this ogg theora player can you send me a message?

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