XoticPC Sager Clevo 7970M NP9150 BEWARE!

The NP9150 fro is not worth the hassle and high price especially with the HD7970m. My keyboard is already screwed up beyond belief, CNTRL button turns on.. needs hard restart, M key doesn't respond and BSOD when having two videos on youtube up.... WITHOUT EVEN PLAYING THEM!!! Of course its been to long to get a refund (3 months), but I wish that I could. Now I am trying to deal with their tech support and I am sure they will deflect me to 5 different OEMs that will bury me in additional costs. POS.
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  1. I was thinking about getting laptop. I looked at their website and they have a 1 year waranty. So you should be able to get it fixed from them.
  2. Sometimes, which you obviously haven't understood, it's best just to not say things like this. Things happen, all vendors have the exact same issues. It's electronics and so many things can make things go wrong. Calm down and talk to them professionally and they will take care of you. Go on big rants like this and things will take much longer.
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    I agree with Cbrunnem.

    I personally own the Sager Np9170 w/ 7970m.

    The 7970m was defective on purchase; however, it worked fine with many of the games I played so I figured it was a driver issue. (Weird purple flashing squares and misplaced textures)

    However, after an update or two, I realized that it was not a driver issue so I contacted Customer Support. (By this time, it had been about 3 months since I had bought it.) I received a response within two hours, requesting I verify my problem. I verified my problem and customer support sent me an RMA right away. They were even nice enough to delay the RMA for 2.5 weeks as I had to use this laptop to finish my semester.

    You may have a lemon, or it might just be one abused laptop. However, I am sure that if you contact customer support in a professional and dignified manner, they will be happy to help.

    (I am not affiliated with Sager, Clevo, or XoticPC in any way, I am just a satisfied customer.)
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