Motherboad and video card compatiblity

Thanks for the feedback it helps me out a lot.I'll take your inputs into consideration. The CPU I'm looking at is a AMD Athlon 800 or 850 Mhz because of the price and my budget of $800 for the MB,VC,SC,CPU,and RAM .I already have the HD, case, and CDROM and all the other periperhals necessary.Here is another debate I have and it concerns the MB and the compatibility with the video card. The reason I say this is because I have been on a few different forums and found that some people have had majors issues but not too many with the tow I am considering. They are the MSI K7T Turbo and the Asus A7V133. I have read the reviews for both and they seem to vary stable and high end Boards.The A7V did finish first in Tom's benchmarks with the K7t getting blown away.However, the K7T was not far behind in other peoples benchmarks and proved to be one of the most stable boards out there in all areas. My concern is for video compatibility. Your input is greatly appreciated.
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  1. basically any videocards will co-op well with these nice boards. i don't think there'll be any problem even with geforce3.... as long as it don't use agp pro.
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