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Is there a gaming performance difference between y400 and y500?

Well I was originally buying this macbook, but people keep telling me their a waste of money.

Not sure if I agree though, even though Apple does overprice their products..

I was originally getting this, it can turbo boost to 3.1 ghz and I see no mention of that on the lenovo laptops.

Will the Lenovo y400 or y500 perform better than this? If so which one?

Please don't answer with a yes or no, would like to know why please!

Links to y400 & y500-
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  1. You can't just look at ghz, the mbp is an i5 which is a dual core and the lenovo's i7 is a quad core. The lenovo also has 8gb ram and a 650m vs the mbp at 4gb and the hd 4000. The 650m is nearly 4x more powerful than the hd 4000. That's a $450 savings and better specs. Nothing against apple but that is just not good bang per buck. Also you'd have a much better game selection on windows without having to use bootcamp. If both the y400 and 500 were configured the same they would have the same performance.
  2. The i5 is a quad core cpu with 4 threads. The i7 is a quad core cpu with 8 threads.

    Personally, I would go with the MBP. You aren't getting a laptop because you want to heavy game, and the HD 4000 in the MBP is mor ethan enough for light gaming. It can handle Bf3 at 720p with pretty smooth frames (If you plan to game). MBP is a great laptop with the mac os which is a good OS (despite what everyone else says). If you find youself in need of a windows program or do want to play a game on windows, boot camp. Great way to use windows.
  3. I5 in desktops are quad core, i5 in laptops are dual core with ht. There are also dual core i7 for laptops, the ones without q or x. There is also a dual core i5 on the desktop, the 3470t. But the only quad core mobiles cpus are i7. You can get a full list off the intel website or wikipedia if you are curious. Anyways, this is what that mbp has

    If it is just for minecraft the hd 4000 will do. Those lenovos can't switch to the hd 4000 so will have less battery life ~4hrs if that makes a difference. But the i7 and 650m will be quite a bit better for vegas. The lenovos are quiet and have pretty good cooling. I'd suggest filling this out for anyone looking for a laptop if they wanted more in depth help

    I've never heard anyone say mac is not good, just overpriced hardware. If you want to do a hackintosh, power to ya.
  4. For laptops, only the Core i7 "QM" designated CPUs are quad core CPUs. All other Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs are dual core CPUs.

    As long as both Y400 and Y500 have the same resolution screen the GT 650m will provide the same performance. I prefer getting the Y500 with a 1920x1080 resolution screen. 1366x768 resolution is a bit too low for my general needs. I have an IdeaPad Y470 with just 1366x768 and it is a bit too limit for me to effectively multitask and do research / reading. However, playing game with the GT 650m @ 1920x1080 resolution will naturally drop performance, but you can always lower the resolution to improve performance.
  5. Hello, the Y400 and Y500 are identical on specs, but different screen sizes. I would definitely go with the Y400/Y500, as it has a quad core processor which will perform much better. Also, it has the Nvidia GT650M which will outperform the integrated GPU on the MBC hands down. So if you are a gamer, you should definetly get the Lenovo laptop, and save yourself a lot of money. Unless, you are a mac fan, but Windows 8 is pretty stable. Cheers! (Don't want to be greedy, but I hope this is the best answer. XD)
  6. So yes, there is a huge gaming performance difference. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself. Intel HD 4000 vs GT 650M w/ 2 GB dedicated memory.
  7. Lenovo hands down. The iGPU is just pathetic apart from general web browsing.
  8. J_E_D_70 said:
    Lenovo hands down. The iGPU is just pathetic apart from general web browsing.

    I agree. Although Intel really as improved with their integrated GPU this time. The HD 4000 is capable of much more than the previous Sandy Bridge HD 3000. It is actually about on par with the integrated Radeon 6620G that is on the A8-3500M APU.
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    As I stated above, the Y500 has an optional 1920x1080 resolution screen. Performance will only be the same if that option is not selected.

    Most games do not take advantage of quad core CPU. The number of games capable of using quad cores is tiny in comparison to the number of games capable of using up to 2 cores. However, for those few games that can take advantage of more than 2 cores, a quad core CPU can give a decent boost depending on the game. Last time I've read anything about CPU core scaling it can be up to a 40% increase in performance; I forgot what the average was though.
  10. k1114 said:

    The lenovos are quiet and have pretty good cooling. I'd suggest filling this out for anyone looking for a laptop if they wanted more in depth help

    If the Y400 is anything like the Y470/Y480, then cooling is not really that effective. The smaller size means less space for air to flow and smaller heatsink. Both have the same basic chassis and the CPU in my Y470 typically hits 90C - 92C when playing games. Testing out GTA 4 the CPU temp hit 99C and the CPU started to throttle. The graphic card temps were fine though, I don't think they exceed 68C. Checking out some laptop forums and also professional reviews of the Y470, 90C - 92C temps while playing is typical.

    The Y570/Y580 have better cooling because it has a larger chassis. Reviews (both professional and user) consistently state that the CPU generally does not go beyond 78C while playing games. That is a more reasonable temp. The chassis for the Y500 should be similar or the same as for the Y570/Y580.

    Laptops in general are normally quiet until you start playing games.
  11. Basically the same specs between y400 and 500, however the main differences are size and the availability of the 1080p screen on the y500. Also, right now to can get a SLI (which is 2 graphics cards) 650m setup for under $1100. Thats the best bang for your buck and nothing else has that level of graphics performance for the price. A SLI 650m setup is near 670mx performance. The closest priced laptop with a 670mx (to my knowledge) is a Sager np9150 for $1270. The only problem I have with the y500 is i think the red keyboard is a slight eyesore. Other than that, it's an amazing machine for the price.
  12. 2 month old post needs a lock. Btw the current 650m sli deal is $900 on newegg.
  13. Wow, no idea how I got to this thread. My bad.

    And yeah, there is a $900 SLI y500 on newegg, but it's the dual core i5 version, not the quad core i7. That's sorda pointless. Like I said, the regular quad core i7 SLI y500 is near $1100.
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