Problem Dual Booting Windows 7 and XP

Hey guys i recently went from XP to Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, anyways i shrunk my C: partition then turned the remaining space into another partition then installed XP on it. When it was finished installing i rebooting the comp, and it wasnt giving me a usual boot menu i saw in the passed, it was just booting straight into XP. So i read a few posts online and i repaired it using the windows 7 Disc and windows 7 was booting again, but XP is still on my other partition but not being recognised in the boot menu. Does anyone know why this happens ? thanks in advance :)
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  1. Install EasyBCD. That should solve your problems.
  2. wow that was fast :D i hit submit on my question and 1 minute later i get a response lol, thanks mate im checking it out now!
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