Video card upgrade creates small snow spots on lar

PII 400 Mhz w/ Ultrawide SCSI, upgraded to nVidia GeForce GTS 32MB. With enlarged images or video I see small snow-like spots (usually around 10 or so and they are quite small but annoying). If I shrink the image or video they disappear; they remain if I refresh the image. Also, they appear on my desktop until I refresh it. Tried reloading latest nVidia drivers - didn't work. Quake III looks fine though. Please help! Thanks.
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  1. Is your Card Overclocked?
    have u tried reinstalling OS?
    Have you checked your GTS works fine with the mobo chipset?

    also you are waisting allot of the GTS's potentual by running it inside such a shitty PC (no offence meant). AMD's are currently very cheap you should upgrade to something meatier.

    "This message has been printed on 100% recycled Pixels, Keep your system Beautiful, Recycle"
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