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i am having issues with my asus g50v laptop. it is having an issue booting up. the linux part of the system works to skype and surf the web. also safemode works. i usually have to boot up in safe mode then reset restart the computer and place it sideways for it to boot up properly. do i have a display or hard drive issue?
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  1. its ancient, buy a new one
  2. bad answer
  3. I think you should reinstall your OS. You might have a MoBo problem, but probably not.
    If that doesn't work, then, you should replace the HDD or send it in to get repaired. It might be time for a new laptop.
  4. i reinstalled the os once a few weeks ago off the computer's own backup. i was planning to get a ssd for the laptop if the hd was the issue. i already have a new laptop but i wanted to play MAME off of this one as this is the only windows based laptop in the household at the moment.

    thanks for the reply.
  5. Oh. Has to be a HDD problem. I think you should switch it out. I might be wrong, so you could take the precaution and send it in to them, unless they try to rip you off. You should open it up and see if anything is wrong. Also did it have any water-damage?
    Hope I helped!
  6. not sure if there is any water damage. it was given to me a few months back. i will probably upgrade the hd to a ssd and see if that would help. thanks for the reply and yes it did help me. i appreciate it.
  7. Water damage is unlikely, the G50VT laptop is pretty resistant to unsalted water.
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