Amd or intel in a laptop?

Hey guys, I am looking to buy a laptop and there was a couple I was looking at. I need a laptop that can video edit and perform low intensity games like minecraft. I have already decided on the brand and laptop, but I was wondering to get a intel core i5 possibly with nividia ge force, or an amd a-8 quad core or a a-10 quad core w/ radeon graphics. I'm having a really hard problem, because if Amd is OK then I might get it to save a little bit of money. Thanks
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  1. AMD is okay, but to get a real answer you need to provide exact details of the laptops.
  2. I think there a template some where on the forum with a sticky of the info that should be provided but just as quick response we need to know how much you want to spend and other things like storage needs and laptop resolution and monitor size, desktop replacement or portiblity etc.
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