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Okay, well I recieved an HP ENVY 4-1010sa Notebook PC for xmas and Windows 8 Pro with Media Center to install onto it. I did so and the randomly there came a blue screen saying ERROR: CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED. So I rebooted it, but upon reboot it came up with a black screen with a blinking underscore, so I have tried a hard reset, DIDNT WORK; reflashed BIOS, DIDNT WORK; downloaded repair disk and attempted a refresh( said hard drive was locked), reset (didnt work) auto repair (didnt work, just rebooted into loop), system restore (said OS couldnt be found), so then i tried a fresh re-install and it couldnt find my internal HDD or a recovery partition, or my SSD. I dont have a clue whats wrong and i dont know where else to turn, please will somebody help? :(
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  1. Sounds like a dead hard drive. Return to vendor....
  2. okay thanks, but how will i be able to reinstall my purchased windows 8?
  3. (on the new system)
  4. Doesn't sound like you ever got to the activation part of the install so it will probably work fine when you get the new laptop. What OS comes with the laptop? If it's already 8 you can buy an add on to enable media center from Microsoft. You may be able to save money by selling your Windows 8 and doing that instead. It also might be easier to install. I got a media center free from MS a while back when they were doing a special promo. Haven't used it yet.
  5. No I installed and activated then I installed Skype and that's when it went and yeah I got media Center free too but it comes with win7 so I still need to upgrade :/
  6. Oh, well, when it comes back go ahead and load 8 and if it gives you trouble during activation just call Microsoft and explain the situation. They'll help you out. Don't worry, be happy!
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