Lion MacMini 2011, can I add a 2nd hard drive?

Previowlsy, the MacMini 2010 server edition was replacing the superdrive with a second HDD. Now, the MacMini 2011 lacks the superdrive and only have 1 HDD. A second configuration of the MacMini 2011 allows you to choose 2 HDDs, or even HDD + SSD. Its said at product description that if you do so, Mac OS will be installed on the SSD. that SSD is 250GB size. So here are my 2 questions:

1)If I get SSD + HDD, does that mean that I will have a maximum of 250GB on my "desktop" folder?

2)If I get the first configuration, wich comes with only one HD, can I add a second hard drive? Is there a second sata conector on the motherboard?
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    I believe iFixit concluded that there is enough room for a 2nd drive and there is a 2nd SATA port on the motherboard... They seem to think that getting the cable needed may be a problem for now... and don't forget mounting hardware...
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  3. Someone has a second drive out of a Mac Mini server on eBay. It has the cable and mounting.
  4. $225 for a second-hand drive that you can buy new for under $100? I guess that's the Apple Tax in action.
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