geforce mx's new competitor

Hercules has a new gfx card based on STMicroelectronics's Kyro 2 chipset

From the press release:"KYRO II is ST's second generation of PC Graphics controllers based on Imagination Technologies' PowerVR? architecture. This unique Tile Based Rendering technology eliminates much of the redundant processing overheads and memory bottlenecks produced by less efficient graphics algorithms. By its more intelligent use of computing and memory resources, KYRO II sets a new performance standard in the graphics processor industry."

go to hercules' website :
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  1. Have read a review on this card and although the bechmark scores were similar to the mx the reviewer said that there were driver stability issues(big probs)that needed ironing out.Always the same problem with pvr cards as I suffered with similar problems with my first 3d card:an Apocalypse3dx
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