What is the best graphics card for watching mpeg-movies?

What is the best (new) graphics card for watching mpeg-movies with an old computer (AMD 400MHz)?
CPU load while watching, price and 2D quality are the major factors in that order. AGP preferred.

I couldn't find good benchmarks.
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  1. You can get a Creative Labs Dxr3 addon card. It has a tv output and 5.1 channel dolby digital support using a streaming spdif output. It will work beside your existing graphics card.

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  2. I have the Radeon 64 MB VIVO AGP. I have been really impressed with the MPG playback and overall 2-D quality and performance. Several reviews I have read say that it's DVD playback quality and performance is unmatched. I can tell a definite difference in quality between it and my GeForce 2-GTS 32 MB.
  3. ATI Rage Fury Pro

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  4. Any Radeon will give outstanding mpeg and mpegII viewing.
  5. hell a tnt2 will let you watch your porn just fine

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  6. Sad but true.

    Anyway check out a gefore2 mx I would not spend very much for a new card.

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  7. Well a Radeon LE goes for less than $90 and one with TV output goes for less than $100. Throw the Rage series pro/128/pro in the trash. Just my opinion.
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