Severe video problems, need help!

Im experiencing sever choppiness with my DVD and any games I try to play on my a7m266, athlon 800, voodoo 5 5500 system. I never had this problem on my A7V, but when I swapped to the new MOBO two weeks ago the problems started. Ive reinstalled the AMD chipset drivers, the V5 drivers for ME, the DVD software and UT and Q3, but none have been succesful at eliminating my problem. As stated, everything ran fine on my A7V. Heres my system

Voodoo 5 5500
128 MB Corsair DDR PC2100
Creative Labs Ovation 12X dvd
Creative Labs CDRW 8432
WD HDD 30.7 7200 rpm ata100
WinTV GO Card
Windows ME
Linksys 10/100
Creative Labs PCI i5655 modem
Latest V5 drivers for ME
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  1. BigP,
    Did you go for a clean install on Windows (reformat and install), or at least re-fresh Windows? If not, this could be part of your problem.

  2. Yep. Use that zip drive and start backing up the essentials. I'd opt for the repartition/reformat-clean install, rather than just a reformat-clean install.
    You can shoot trouble with a shotgun, or a clean install......that's about it.
  3. Thanks guys, but sorry, I reformatted and reinstalled Windows ME when i got my new mobo, im only on my 16th day of running the new install, it was there when I played DVD and UT right after I reinstalled. It seems im seeing a number of posts with people having this trouble with DDR chipsets, could we be in on the ground floor of a techno disaster like the PSX2 or inhells P4/850 chipset????
  4. I seem to have remedies the situation and I invite others who are having similar problems to check if this is it. I noticed that when I got my video stuttering problems, the HDD drive light would flash on for a second. This is when I would get severe choppiness, and as soon as it started it would go away for a minute or two. So tonite I was mulling over things, dreading having to do a reformat reinstall when I decided to chek things out onelast time. I checked the hard disk drive itself in Windows>System and noticed the DMA was not checked for it, so I checked it, rebooted and ran a perfect game of UT, at 1200/266. Awesome! I noticed none of my drives had DMA enabled though in the BIOS screen they all have DMA #s (1 - 4). Hope I can help someone out there, thanks to everyone for your help!!

    Its big, purple and women love it!(ATX case w/3 coats of purple Krylon and the AMD logo)
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