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I am an animation student. I had purchased a dell Studio 1555 3 years back. In India it comes with the T6600 Intel 2.20 GHz of processor. i know that for animation i need to have a computer. but for some reason i can not purchase it. I read somewhere that it is possible to upgrade the process of studio 1555 to intel t9900 3.06 GHz.. tell me is it possible to do this and will this be a good deal. i called dell Indian customer care support they told it is not possible to upgrade it for this i need to even replace my whole motherboard. can i go for this upgrade or there is other option available for this thing. :sarcastic:
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  1. Forget upgrading because even if it was possible, a T9900 wouldn't sill be enough for animation rendering. Either get a powerful Desktop or at least get an i5 laptop with a decent GPU and no less than 6GB of ram if you want to ensure performance.
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