What is the best 1st generation AGP card???

I have an intel 440BX motherboard with up to 1033mhz
CPU and 100 Mhz FSB. It also has a FIRST generation AGP
slot. What is the best video card I can get for it?
I want it to have some good T&L features too. I try to search for AGP and it gives me all these 2X/4X cards
that are incompatible with my Motherboard. When I do 1xAGP
it just comes up with a bunch of motherboards with one AGP
slot. I have no recourse other than to ask the experts (you) what cards are compatable with a first generation AGP slot. THX

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  1. Most, if not all, 2x and 4x AGP cards should work in a 1x slot, I think.

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  2. Most video cards are capable of the 1x setting. I can't think of any that are not. So you should be able to drop in an ordinary GeForce and have it work at 1x. But if you want a nice cheap video card that's been around a long time, the Riva 128ZX worked good, and is VERY cheap, I think around $30 right now for an 8MB version.

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